CK-340 Large Industrial Digital Timer




Industrial Digital Timer CK-340

The CK-340 provides easy to read, reliable, and accurate time keeping features. Operation is very simple and easy to understand. The CK-340 can count up or count down, and features an extremely well built and rugged remote control designed for constant heavy duty industrial use. It works GREAT as a factory production timer. If you've been searching for a large industrial countdown timer with a remote control that is built to last, look no further - the CK-340 LED Digital Timer is the choice for heavy duty use!

Displays Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.

LED Display Size: 2.3 inches- readable up to 100 Ft.

Maximum Time Set Capability: 99 Hours, 59 Minutes, 59 Seconds. The CK-340 can be set to any time within this range.

Count Down mode displays time remaining

Count Up mode displays elapsed time

A wired, very reliable, and extremely Rugged Remote Control is included. It features buttons for setting Hours, Minutes, and Seconds time set, Stop-Start, Timer Reset, and Clear to zero (00:00:00). Easy to use!

Powered by a UL listed 9 Volt AC plug in wall adapter which is included.

60 Hertz AC line frequency time base provides high reliability and accuracy.

During power outages, timing continues with a built in 9 Volt battery back up capability - keeps time during power interruptions.

Audible & Visual Indicator Alarm: The CK-340 beeps and the LED display flashes for ten seconds at the end of a timing cycle. The alarm sound can be turned on or off for silent operation.

LED Display Unit: white plastic case; clear red acrylic and black ABS front panel. size: 15.0 x 6.0 x 2.0 inches

Remote Control: ABS black plastic case. Size: 5.0 x 1.5 x 5.25 inches (L X H X D)

Display Unit Weight: Only 2.0 lbs. - very portable.

Table, shelf, or wall mountable.

Simple to operate. Ready to use right out of the box!

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The CK-340 Large Timer is for INDOOR USE ONLY


photo of heavy duty timer remote


Designed for constant heavy duty operation.


100% User Friendly and Nothing to Learn - The labeling is clear, it's simple, and a total "no brainer" to use! No complex menus, no beeping, no noise. EASY & SIMPLE!

Easy to Use Buttons:

Top Row: Hours, Minutes, and Seconds set

Bottom Row: Clear (clears display to 00:00:00), Reset (resets to the entered time), and Start-Stop

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