CK-1000K Large LED Digital Clock Kit

This fun to build Electronic Kit features a 2.5 inch LED display with seconds.

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CK-1000K Large Digital Clock Kit

Our CK-1000K Digital Clock Kit is a fun to build electronic kit! Its large, eye-catching, and unusually attractive 2.50 inch red LED display is easily readable up to 75 feet. Plus, the six digit display features Hours, Minutes, and SECONDS, a capability not usually found on LED clocks.

Displays Hours - Minutes - and Seconds!

2.50 inch red LED display is bright and readable up to 75 feet

12 or 24 Hour clock format

60 Hz AC timebase for high accuracy and reliability

9 Volt AC U.L. Listed wall adapter

Unusually attractive and eye catching!

High accuracy 60 Hz crystal time base battery backup keeps time during power interruptions. Never miss a second!

Time set switches are easily accessable

Durable white plastic case; clear red acrylic and black ABS front panel

Size: 15.0 x 6.0 x 2.0 Inches

Weight: Only 1.4 lbs. - Easy to hang on a wall

Desktop, shelf, or wall mountable.

Skilled electronic assembly required. Intermediate level electronic kit building experience required.

A fun to build electronic kit!

Model CK-1000K

The CK-1000K Clock Kit is for INDOOR USE ONLY

A solid segment LED display version of this clock is also available fully assembled.


We also offer a small display LED Digital Clock Kit

The CK-1000K has a legacy going back to 1995. It was the first large display LED clock kit that we offered for sale. We adverstised it in Nuts & Volts Magazine, and sold quite a few of them to get us started! After re-designing the clock display for solid segment LEDs, we started receiving emails and were amazed to see how many people enjoyed and actually missed the "dot" style display! It certainly looks "unusually attractive and eye-catching." So we are keeping this original version of the CK-1000 alive as an electronic kit.



CK-1 LED Digital Desk Clock. 0.56 Inch LED display.

CK-1000 12 or 24 Hour Digital Wall Clock : 2.3 Inch LED display. Fully assembled version.

CK-2 LED Dual Time Zone Clock: 0.560 Inch dual LED display, six digits.

CK-3 Digital Desk Timer: 0.56 Inch LED Display, Six Digits.

CK-3000 Large Digital Timer: 2.3 Inch LED Display, Six Digits.

CK-350 Large Digital Simple Count Up Timer: 2.3 Inch LED Display, Six Digits.

CK-4000 Large Stopwatch Timer: 2.3 Inch Display: Minutes, Seconds, & Hundredths of Seconds.

CK-5000 Wall Countdown Clock: 1.75 inch Display shows DAYS, Hours, Minutes, & Seconds.

CK-6 Digital Day Counter Clock : 0.56 inch Display shows DAYS, Hours, & Minutes.

CK-2000 Time Zone Wall Clock : Tracks UTC and local time zone simultaneously.

CK-36 Elapsed Time Clock: 0.56 inch Display with, Hours, Minutes, and seconds.



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