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CK-350 Digital LED Large Count Up Timer

Simple To Operate Large Display Size: 2.3 Inches

( We also have other small and large Digital Timers and LED Clocks )

LED large count up timer Count Up Timer

Our Model CK-350 Large LED Count Up Clock simply counts up only, displaying elapsed time in Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. A very rugged heavy duty two button remote control for start-stop and reset to zero makes the CK-350 very simple and easy to use. It's excellent for use as a stopwatch count up timer in hospitals and healthcare facilities. It's also useful as a production industrial timer.

Highly readable six digit red LED display shows elapsed time as it counts up in Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. Great for timing any event!

Display Size: 2.3 inches - readable up to about 100 feet.

Maximum Timing: Essentially 100 Hours with a maximum display of "99:59:59".

A wired and ultra reliable Remote Control is included. It features two buttons - One for Start-Stop, and another for Timer Reset back to 00:00:00. Simple & Easy to Use!

No complicated menus to mess with! Operation is straight forward and simple.

Energy efficient U.L. listed AC wall adapter - the CK-350 is not battery operated.

9 Volt battery back-up keeps time during power outages.

Durable white plastic case; clear red acrylic and black ABS plastic front panel.

Size: 15.0 x 6.0 x 2.0 inches

Desk, shelf, or wall mountable

Weight: Only 2.0 lbs. - Lightweight and Portable!

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The CK-350 Count Up Timer is backed by our first rate customer service. We're here to help you in the unlikely event that you ever have a problem.

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The CK-350 is a simple, free-running COUNT UP TIMER only. It is not settable to a certain time. It only indicates elapsed time. Looking for a display that is SETTABLE? See our Model CK-3000 Timer. Please scroll down this page for our list of clocks and timers.


Looking for a large timer with more timing resolution? Try our CK-4000 LED Stopwatch Timer. It counts up with hundredths of seconds resolution.

Installation Note: The CK-350 has a versatile choice of Two Power Input Jacks: One on the rear panel, and one at the bottom of the case. The CK-350 is suitable for Wall, Shelf, or Table locations.

Photo of CK-350 count up timer with remotePhoto of LED large count up timer

The CK-350 LED Large Digital Count Up Timer is Table, Shelf, or Wall Mountable.



CK-350 count up timer remote control


The CK-350 includes this easy to use two button switch remote control. The red button is used for starting and stopping the timer. The black button resets the display to 00:00:00. Operation is simple and straight forward.

This remote control is ultra reliable and ruggedly built. This is not a cheap rubber type keypad remote found on other similar controls. The large pushbutton switches offer a solid feel - this remote is built to last!

Great for use in industrial and commercial applications.

REMOTE CONTROL NOTE: The CK-350 remote control is equipped with a 5 foot long cable. For longer remote operation, we also offer a 25 foot extension cable. Order Model MK-97 Remote Extension Cable - Price: $9.00

CK-350 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: Click Here to see the one page instruction sheet. Simple to use!



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