SVS-14 Audio Video Switch

Simple To Use AV Video Switch Selector / Video Switcher

RCA and S-Video Jacks located on the back.

4 AV Inputs

Audio: Left and Right

Video: Composite and S Video

1 AV Output

Audio: Left and Right

Video: Composite and S Video

1 Audio Only Output

3.5 mm Stereo Jack on front panel

NOTE: Composite and S Video signals cannot be mixed. Composite in will not produce S Video out, or vice versa.

The SVS-14 Audio Video Switch makes multiple Audio & Video switching FAST, EASY, and CONVENIENT. No more plugging and unplugging of all your audio and video equipment components! Also, you’ll never again need to decipher that “rats nest” of cables behind all your equipment. The easy to use SVS-14 makes cable management and signal selection easier than ever. Try one today!

Four Audio / Video inputs and one A/V output provide a single distribution point for your equipment. (See drawing above.)

One Audio only 3.5 mm stereo jack output for use with headphones or wireless output devices.

Simple to use! Just press a button to switch easily between any of your Audio & Video components.

Works with stereo audio, composite and S Video signals, in both forward and reverse directions.

Easy to install. Switching is totally passive - no external power or batteries required.

Size: 7.0 x 4.0 x 1.75 inches

The SVS-14 Audio Video Switch is the ideal accessory for your Home Theater system and Stereo audio components. It's PERFECT for switching between your VCR, DVD, Satellite Receiver, Video Game System, CD and MP3 players, Cassette player, Stereo Tuner, etc....

 October 2016: SORRY - OUT OF STOCK

Made in China by Sima Products Corporation

We also offer a cool little Mini AV Switch made by Sony:

SBV-31G MINI AV SWITCH: A small and compact, 3 input / 1 output AV selector switch for use with Computer Game Systems, VCR's, DVD players, Stereo CD & MP3 players, satellite receivers, and more. With proper cables, it can also be used for computer audio as well.

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MK-1 Generic Audio Switch: Switch two different audio sources to one output.

MK-2 Generic Audio Switch: Switch one audio source to two separate outputs.

MK-3 Computer Microphone Switch: Switch TWO computers with ONE microphone.

MK-4 Computer Microphone Switch: Switch TWO microphones with ONE computer.

MK-5 Headset Speaker Switch: Switch computer audio between Speakers and Headphones, with Microphone Feedthrough connection as well.

MK-10 Computer Audio Switch: Switch TWO sets of speakers with ONE computer.

SVS-14 Audio Video Switch: A 4 input / 1 output Audio Video selector switch for use with DVD players, VCR, Computer Game Systems, Stereo CD & MP3 players, and more. With proper cables, it can be used for computer audio too.

SBV-31G Audio Video Switch: A mini AV switch from Sony. Offers 3 inputs to 1 output selection capability.



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