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LED Large Digital Timer

CK-3000 LED Large Digital Timer

Programmable to 99 hours, and displays hours, minutes, seconds

Count Up and Countdown timer with audible or silent alarm

Large Digit Size: 2.3 Inches

This is a commercial grade, high accuracy large display LED Count Up and Down Timer. Its well designed six button remote control is clearly labeled and very EASY to use - no confusing menus to fuss with! The CK-3000 has many useful applications in industrial plants, radio and tv stations, churches, hospitals, military installations, gyms, science labs, and more! FIVE YEAR WARRANTY.

LED Desk Timer CK-3

CK-3 LED Desk Digital Timer

Red LED Display: 0.56 Inches

Count Up or Countdown Timer

The CK-3 is a small desk version of the CK-3000. It has a maximum time capability of almost 100 hours (99:59:59). The alarm can be set for either audible and visual indication (flashes and beeps), or silenced (flashing display only) - very versatile! Its LED display is always comfortable and pleasant to read in all working conditions.

CK-4000 stopwatch digital timer

CK-4000 LED Large Stopwatch

Displays Minutes : Seconds : Hundredths of Seconds

Digit Size: 2.3 Inches

Time any event with precision! It features a large easy to read LED display visible to about 100 feet, and two button wired remote control for start-stop and reset. Great for timing any event where precision time keeping is required. These are popular in the tradeshow business, as well as for use as a commercial industrial digital timer.

Large Count Up Timer CK-350

CK-350 Large Count Up Elapsed Time Clock

Free Running Count Up mode only

LED Digit Size: 2.3 Inches

The CK-350 simply keeps track of elapsed time. Unlike the CK-3000, it only counts up, and is not settable. It is simply free running, and can count to 100 hours maximum, with a display of hours, minutes, and seconds. It's great for use in hospitals and in various service type facilities for monitoring elapsed time. Simple two button operation for time start - stop and reset to zero makes it extremely easy to use.

large countdown wall clock CK-5000

CK-5000 Day Countdown Wall Clock

Displays DAYS - Hours - Minutes - Seconds

Digit Size: 1.75 Inches

Now you can count down to that special event on a certain day! This large LED day countdown wall clock keeps track of the number of DAYS left until you reach your goal. Great for use as a sales motivator, completing your projects on time, or counting down to any event.

small digital timer products

Small Timer Products

Pocket Size & Portable Models

We carry a nice assortment of small, handy, and very useful LCD display digital timers. These are convenient for simple timing tasks in your home, business, or school. Seems like there's always a need for timing something! These work quite well.


Stopwatch Timer List

Pocket Size & Multi-Function

We carry a nice selection of excellent stopwatch timer products, with features and functions ranging from basic to advanced. All of them offer high reliability and rock solid performance. We are an authorized dealer for Seiko and Ultrak brands. Check them out!

digital count up timer

CK-36 Small Digital LED Count Up Timer

Free Running Elapsed Time Clock

Easy to read 0.56 inch LED display

This very simple to use Count Up Clock displays elapsed time in Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. It is not settable - it simply only counts up. An optional rugged two button remote control is also available.

Industrial Digital Timer

CK-340 Industrial Digital Timer

Count up and down with hours, minutes, seconds

Designed for high duty commercial applications and constant use

The CK-340 boasts perhaps the most rugged wired remote control of any timing product on the market today. It is designed for heavy duty industrial and commercial use, where it would be subject to constant operation. No problem - it's built for it! The six pushbutton switches are very large and easy to use.

CK-46 Desk stopwatch timer

CK-46 LED Desk Stopwatch

Displays Minutes, Seconds, and Hundredths of Seconds

LED Display Size: 0.56 Inches

This is a nice bench top or desk stopwatch, with an input jack located on the back for an optional wired remote control. This is one of the most unusual "niche" type digital timers we offer, yet it is quite popular among science and industrial users.

day countdown timer ck-6

CK-6 Day Countdown Timer

Displays DAYS - Hours - Minutes

This unique LED display product counts DAYS, Hours, and Minutes. The CK-6 offers the ability to Count Up to or Count Down from a preset time. It may also be used as a free running count up clock for long term timing up to 99 days. Great for use as a sales motivator, completing your projects on time, or counting up or counting down to any event.

event countdown clock

CK-6000 Event Countdown Clock with Days

Wall mountable version of the CK-6

99 day up/down timer - long term events are now easy to time!

The CK-6000 has a nice large display, and is a bit more subtle to look at and less animated than the CK-5000.

Industrial Digital Timer

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