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Industrial Digital Timer CK-46 Desk stopwatch timer dual time zone clock large countdown wall clock CK-5000

Electronics USA specializes in industrial LED small and large count up and countdown timers, digital clocks with seconds, and unique time zone clocks. Our products are carefully designed for reliability and ease of use. They are found in a variety of time keeping applications for business, industrial and manufacturing use, hospitals, military, and government. We also offer Ham Radio accessories, Audio Switches, and Electronic Kits . Website updated July 7, 2024.

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LED Large Digital Timer

CK-3000 Large Digital Timer

This versatile and easy to use count up and down LED large digital timer is programmable up to 99 hours. It works especially well as an industrial large display LED timer. Its remote control is clearly labeled and totally intuitive - a complete "no brainer" to use as we like to say! It's so simple to use, you will never need to refer to the instructions.

LED Industrial Digital Timer

CK-340 Large Industrial Digital Timer

With the most rugged remote control on the market today, the CK-340 is the industrial digital timer you have been looking for! It is in use throughout factories across the US and Canada. Designed for ease of use, high reliability, and simplicity, it is super easy to use and built to last.


Digital Wall Clock with Seconds

CK-1000 Large LED Digital Wall Clock with Seconds

This clock is easy to read, simple to install, and easy to use. The attractive and unique looking CK-1000 looks nice in any room decor, whether it's an office, factory, or military command center! This large LED clock with seconds display looks great anywhere. 5 Year Warranty!

digital desk clock with seconds

CK-1 LED Digital Desk Clock

This clocks beautiful LED display reads hours, minutes, and seconds. You can find them in use among Ham Radio operators, various government agencies, and time enthusiasts who are really into high quality digital clocks!

CK-4000 LED large stopwatch timer

CK-4000 LED Large Stopwatch

This large timer is amazing and cool to look at as it counts up - the display is quite active! It features a very rugged two button remote control (great for industrial use), and hundredths of seconds timing resolution. Now, if you don't need that kind of accuracy, have a look at the CK-350 Large Count Up Timer - it looks exactly the same as the CK-4000 and has a maximum timing capability of 100 hours.

large countdown wall clock CK-5000

CK-5000 Event Countdown Wall Clock with Days

Count down the days to your special event! This is a great way to generate enthusiasm for that special day in the future for your project or event. It will help you stay on track and on time to meet your important goals and deadlines.

Electronics USA dual time zone clock

CK-2 Dual Time Zone Clock

This very unique digital clock displays the time in any two time zones. We offer two other models, including our large LED display CK-2000 Dual Time Zone Wall Clock. Both of these are great for tracking GMT and local time or any two time zones.

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