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Privacy Policy

We are required to comply with the California Online Privacy Protection Act.

What is the effective date of this policy? Answer: July 1, 2014

What types of personal information do you collect? Answer: We only collect information necessary to fulfill an order and communicate with a customer. This only includes a name, address, email address, telephone number, and credit card information. (Note: all credit card information is immediately deleted and destroyed after an order is processed.)

How can a customer request to review, change, or delete their information? Answer: It is very simple. Simply contact us using our contact information below.

How do you communicate changes and updates to your privacy policy? Answer: It is very simple. Any changes to this policy will be simply stated here. No changes are planned unless required by a new law. But you may monitor this page.

Do you share personal information with third parties? Answer: It is very simple. We absolutely will never share your information with any third party.

Do you track website users browsing your website? Answer: For many of our website pages, visitors are not tracked with cookies. However, with pages which include our Youtube videos, Google, which owns Youtube, adds cookies to these videos via their DoubleClick advertising network. We have no control over this external tracking from Youtube, and do not track requests cannot be honored. If you are concerned about cookies, learn more about your browser's options to prevent tracking while you browse the World Wide Web.