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Fun Electronic Clock Kits

BC-10 Binary Clock

BC-10 Binary Clock Kit

Displays time in Binary Code!

An educational and fun kit!

Generates THOUSANDS of fascinating patterns! Very Cool! There is no doubt, the BC-10 is one of the coolest clocks on the planet. Available in MYSTERIOUS RED or COOL GREEN colors.


BC-4 Time Beacon Clock

BC-4 Single Digit Clock Kit

Stylish timekeeping, one digit at a time!

A very unique and fun kit!

Unique single digit timekeeping. Watch it flash the numbers, one after the other. Super Cool! If you own a Binary Clock, the BC-4 is the matching clock to own!! Kit or Assembled.

CK-1 LED Digital Clock Kit

CK-1K LED Digital Clock Kit

Displays Hours, Minutes, and Seconds

Digit Size: 0.56 Inches

This fun to build clock kit is also quite useful. It's six digit display also has a seconds readout, a feature not commonly found on most small LED clocks.

Electronic kit

CK-1000K Large LED Digital Clock Kit

Displays Hours, Minutes, and Seconds

Digit Size: 2.50 Inches

This large display clock kit makes a handsome addition to any room when completed. Its LED display is unusually attractive and eye-catching.

digital clock chip

MM5314N Digital Clock Chip

Classic clock chip that is easy to implement

Build a six digit LED clock with Hours, Minutes, Seconds

We have a few of these easy to implement and now scarce digital clock chips that were popular among clock builders from the 70's to the 90's.

Cool Gadgets (We are looking for more to include on this page.)

NOT a kit - just a very cool gadget!

Stop Telemarking - The Easy Hang Up Device

Easy to install - connects between your telephone and wall jack.

Hang up effortlessly on unwanted calls.

Say GOODBYE to annoying telemarketers! It always seems like they call at dinner time, doesn't it??!! Say Hasta La Vista.....Baby!!! Gets rid of them fast. Stop telemarketing easily and fast!