FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions





Are your timers easy to use? Answer: Yes, absolutely. They are designed to be totally intuitive and super simple to operate. They are so easy to use, you may never need to refer to the instructions!

Are your LED clocks and timers battery operated? Answer: No.

Can your LED clocks and timers be modified for battery operation? Answer: No.

Do your timers control external equipment devices? Answer: No.

Can your timers control others timers? Answer: No. They are STAND ALONE ONLY and are not designed to control other timers that we make or any other timer.

Do you offer a display larger than 2.3 inches? Answer: No, not at this time.

Can your LED timers be used outdoors? Answer: No, absolutely not. They are all for INDOOR USE ONLY.

How far away can you read your large 2.3" displays? Answer: They are readable up to about 75 feet maximum.

Does the CK-3000 have an alarm sound? Answer: Yes. It can also be disabled for silent operation where the display flashes for 10 seconds after a timing cycle is over. Take a look at the CK-3000 Large Digital Timer Video. You can see how it operates and how the alarm sounds.

Are the CK-1, CK-2, CK-26, CK-1000, and CK-2000 LED digital clocks "atomic clocks"? Answer: No.

how the alarm sounds.

Are the CK-1, CK-2, CK-26, CK-1000, and CK-2000 LED digital clocks self setting? Answer: No.

Do your CK-3 and CK-3000 timers offer "auto-reset" capability? Answer: No. Our timers must be manually reset using the reset button on the remote control.

Do you make special custom clock or timer displays? Answer: No.

Do you rent timers? Answer: No.

Do you offer LED displays in colors other than red? Answer: No, not at this time.

Do the CK-1, CK-2, CK-26, CK-1000, and CK-2000 clocks display a leading zero in 12 hour mode? Answer: No. In 12 hour mode, the leading zero is blank. In 24 hour mode, the leading zero digit is active.

Do you offer 4 digit displays, for example, displaying only minutes and seconds? Answer: No, not at this time. We prefer to keep our product line rather simple to avoid confusion and complexity in presentation.


Do these small LCD timers beep at the end of a timing cycle? Answer: Yes.

Do you offer a silent timer? Answer: Yes, now we do offer one! Take a look at the Model T-5. It can either beep or silently vibrate to alert you when time is up.

Are batteries included with your LCD timers? Answer: Yes

Do these timers offer "auto reset" capability? Answer: No. These timers must be manually reset.


Do you design and build custom switches? Answer: No.

Are your switches for stereo mini plug (3.5 mm / 1/8 inch) type audio devices? Answer: Yes

Do you make an audio switch for RCA style plugs? Answer: We offer Audio Video switches which can easily be used for switching audio with RCA plugs. See our Audio Video Switch page.

Do you make a 5.1 Surround Sound switch? Answer: No.

What do you mean by "low level audio"? Answer: Our audio switches are intended for headphone level and line level output audio. This is un-amplified audio. MP3 players, CD players, satellite radios, computers, etc.... all have this type of un-amplified low level audio output.

Will the MK-1 and MK-2 work in mono with 3.5mm mono plugs and cables? Answer: Yes.

Are the MK-1 and MK-2 audio switches weatherproof and waterproof? Answer: NO. We get a lot of inquiries about using our switches with motorcycle stereo units. Our switches are NOT INTENDED for outdoor use. They are simply not designed to be exposed to moisture or any outdoor environment. They will fail rather quickly when exposed to an outdoor environment.

Does the MK-5 work with a USB headset? Answer: No.


Are your Mini Keys and Mini Paddles the same quality as Vibroplex, Kent, Bencher, etc....? Answer: No, and they are not intended to be! They are good, basic, lightweight, inexpensive keys primarily designed for portable operating.

Are there online instructions for operating your Pocket Mini Keyers? Answer: Yes. Please visit our Mini Keyer Instruction Page for the MK-64, MK-65, and MK-60 Series Mini Keyers.

Do you have wiring instructions for making your own keyer paddle cables? Answer: Yes. Visit our Mini Paddle Wiring Diagram Page.


Do you offer any others sizes other than the ones listed on your webpage? Answer: No. The box sizes you see listed are what we currently offer. We do not have any other sizes.

Do you make custom size boxes? Answer: No.

Do you offer any kind of fabrication or milling service for your boxes? Answer: No.

Do you sell foam inserts for your boxes? Answer: No.

Do you sell any other colors besides black, white, and clear? Answer: No.

Do your plastic boxes require special drills? Answer: Yes. Special drills for drilling into plastic are required. Regular drills will not work, as they will crack the plastic while drilling. You can obtain special plastics drills at any plastic supply store. A good online source is Craftics.net.

Are your boxes made of anti-static plastic? Answer: No.

Do the box lids hold firmly onto the box? Answer: Yes. The lids are a friction fit design. The fit onto the box is firm and snug.

Can you mix box and lid colors? Example: black bottom with a clear lid? Answer: No. You must buy each colored box separately; then you can color mix and match box bottoms with lids.


Do you provide custom product design services? Answer: No.

Do you sell through distributors or dealers? Answer: No. The products we make ourselves, such as the CK series clocks and timers, Ham Radio items, and the MK series audio switches are sold directly. We do not sell via dealers.

Do you accept Paypal? Answer: We no longer accept Paypal for various reasons.

Do you sell and ship products outside the USA and Canada? Answer: No, not at this time. We no longer ship overseas for various reasons.

Do you offer a printed catalog? Answer: No. Our website is our catalog, and represents the very latest of what we offer for sale. Our homepage has a NEW PRODUCTS section, and is located just below the Website Index. So be sure to stay tuned!

Do you sell on ebay? Answer: No, NO, and NO!! Anyone claiming to represent us on ebay is doing so fraudulently. We do not sell on ebay. We have never sold on ebay, ever!