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cw mini keyer

Whiterook Mini Keys Whiterook MK-60 Series Pocket Mini CW Keyers

Our MK-60 Series Mini Keyer is the world’s smallest and most portable stand-alone keyer available. It is completely self contained- just add two small lithium coin cell batteries and any keyer paddle and it’s up and running! It’s that simple.

Now, there’s no need, hassle, or expense involved with adding a keyer to every QRP or small rig you own. The pocket sized MK-60 is the easy, fast, and convenient alternative solution!

Uses the famous TiCK Keyer chip series for outstanding and reliable operation

Selectable iambic A or B modes

Keys solid state positive keyed rigs. NOT for use with tube rigs.

Uses two long life CR-2032 lithium 3 Volt coin cell batteries which are included and readily available.

A 2.5mm subminiature mono plug is included. If you need a custom cable, contact us or inquire about it when ordering.

Low current drain- only 1 microampere during standby

The MK-60 works with any keyer paddle, iambic or single lever.

Built-in piezo audio sidetone

No need to add a keyer to your rig!

Pushbutton mode switch for speed, paddle select, tune mode, iambic mode A or B, sidetone on/off, and more. Easy to use!

Weight: Only 1.8 Ounces with batteries!

Size: 2.0 X 2.0 X 0.70 Inches (L X W X H) - Pocket size, compact, and very portable.

World’s Smallest full featured Iambic Keyer!

Two variations to choose from. See the table below for details



  Manufactured by Electronics USA.

Our basic MK-60 uses the TiCK-1 Keyer chip. The MK-60MB uses the TiCK-2B Keyer chip with the great additional feature of a 25 Character (approximate) Message Memory. This is very useful for calling CQ. The MK-60MB also has a Beacon Mode function which can be used to repeat the message in memory indefinitely until either paddle is pressed. Amazing! These mini-keyers are really fun to use! Try one. The MK-60 Series Mini Keyers are extremely versatile and really fun to use!

For more details regarding the operation of each keyer, visit our TiCK MINI KEYER INSTRUCTIONS webpage.


None - Just a Basic Iambic Keyer


1 Message, 25 Characters


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TiCK MINI-KEYER INSTRUCTIONS: How to operate a TiCK Keyer.


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