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CK-26 Digital LED Dual Time Zone Clock

24 Hour UTC / GMT / Zulu Clock and Local Time Zone Desk Clock

Dual Time Zone Clock CK-26

Our CK-26 provides an easy, "at a glance" solution for keeping track of UTC / Zulu and local time. Using only six individual LED displays, the CK-26 displays UTC Zulu HOURS and LOCAL TIME in a small and visually pleasing desk enclosure. Looks great on any table, desk, or shelf! The CK-26 is pleasant to read in any lighting condition. Great for use in military installations, government and business offices, communications and Ham Radio shacks, hospitals, EMS facilities, police and fire departments.

Displays Local Time and UTC Zulu Hours ( GMT )

UTC display always operates in 24 hour format. For Local Time, choose between 12 or 24 hour clock formats. This clock can function as an excellent 24 hour clock for military time.

9 Volt AC UL Listed wall adapter

0.56 inch LED display is pleasant to read in any lighting.

Switchable high and low LED display brightness levels

Battery backup circuit keeps time during power outages. Never miss a minute! Uses a standard 9 volt battery - does not require an odd and difficult to find battery.

Time set switches are on the bottom of the case and are easily accessible.

Precision molded black ABS enclosure and clear red acrylic front panel - the CK-26 dual time zone clock looks sharp!

Size: 5.0 x 1.5 x 5.25 inches (L x H x D)

Weight: Only 0.60 lbs.

Designed and Assembled in USA

Ready to use right out of the box!



Digital Time Zone Clock CK-26Local and Zulu Clock Two Time Zone Clock

UTC Zulu Hours are always 24 Hour Format. Choose 12 or 24 Hours for Local Time Display.

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