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Whiterook MK-64 Series Mini Keyer

Iambic CW Keyer

Uses the famous TiCK Keyer chip series for outstanding and reliable operation

Selectable iambic A or B modes

Keys solid state positive keyed rigs. NOT for use with tube rigs.

Uses two long life CR-2032 lithium 3 Volt coin cell batteries which are included and readily available.

Low current drain- only 1 uA during standby

Paddle mechanism is the same as our MK-44 Mini-Paddle

Built-in piezo audio sidetone

Plug & Play Design: 2.5mm mono jack for an easy, fast, and secure connection to your rig. A 2.5mm plug is included with each keyer for you to make a cable.

Pushbutton mode switch for speed, paddle select, tune mode, iambic mode A or B, sidetone on-off, and more. Easy to use!

Weight: Only 1.8 Ounces with batteries!

Size: 2.0 X 2.4 X 1.50 Inches (L X W X H) - Pocket size, compact, and very portable.


The World's most portable Iambic Keyer!

Two versions to choose from. See below for details


Take a compact Whiterook MK-64 Series CW Mini Keyer on your next QRP Adventure!

Our basic MK-64 uses the TiCK-1 Keyer chip. The MK-64MB uses the TiCK-2B Keyer chip with the great additional feature of a 25 Character (approximate) Message Memory. This is really useful for calling CQ. The MK-64MB also has a Beacon Mode function which can be used to repeat the message in memory indefinitely until either paddle is pressed. Amazing! These mini-keyers are really fun to use! The MK-64 Series Mini Keyers are versatile and really fun to use!

Visit our TiCK MINI KEYER INSTRUCTIONS webpage for more details.


No memory, no beacon function - Just a Basic Iambic Keyer


1 Message Memory, 25 Characters, plus beacon


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