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MK-66 QRP Antenna Center Insulator

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PL259 QRP Dipole Center Insulator

PL259 QRP Dipole Antenna Center Insulator

Ideal for QRP Portable Dipoles!

The MK-66 QRP Mini Antenna Center Insulator is ideally designed for the traveling portable and QRP operator. The MK-66 is great to use with QRP portable Ham rigs.

Dipole “legs” can be attached and detached easily. Choose legs for any band at any time!

Ultra portable and compact size

Size: 2.0 X 2.0 X 1.4 Inches.

Weighs only 1.5 Ounces!

Uses standard Number 6 ring lugs.

Nylon clamp for mast mounting

Standard SO-239 coax jack for quick connection.

Rated for use up to 10 watts output.


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