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LED Digital Clocks
Large Digital Timers
Large Stopwatches

Special Function Digital Timers

These are versions of our standard models, with capabilities needed for special industrial commercial applications. We have count up after count down timers, PLC compatible timers, and more! Our timers are easy to wire up for external control and interfacing.

LED Large Digital Timer

LED Desk Timer CK-3

Count Down Then Count Up Timers

Counts down to zero, than starts counting up! This is very useful and important for certain applications where negative time after a countdown is completed is required.

These are special versions of our CK-3 and CK-3000 timers.


Most timers countdown to zero, beep, and simply stop. These timers have the somewhat unusual , or less common, capabiltiy to count up after reaching the 00:00:00 mark.

PLC controlled digital timer

PLC Controlled Digital Timers

Easy to connect and interface to a PLC

Great for industrial applications and automated processes

Free technical assistance to complete your installation

These are special versions of our CK-3000, CK-340, CK-350, and CK-36 digital timers designed for use with PLC devices. Their ability to easily interface to PLC equipment makes these timers ideal for use in many industrial use situations.

Industrial Digital Timer

Alarm Manual Reset Timers

For use when a timer alarm needs to be turned off and reset manually

The alarm flashes and beeps until the reset button is pressed

Most timers on the market have alarms which are active for only a small period of time, and then stop. These special products we offer require an operator to turn off the alarm manually.


Special Function Digital Timer

Special Applicatons and Simple Modifications

We can help you with your special timing requirement in some cases

Simple modifications can sometimes easily be performed to suit your needs.

Give us a call if you have a somewhat similar, but a little different deviation from what we already offer. We may be able to help you with your special need.


Questions about Digital Timers? We're here to help you. Telephone: 760-383-1050