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CK-6 LED Digital Day Countdown Timer / Count Up Clock

It displays Days, Hours, and Minutes. It's great for timing long time periods and event countdowns!

day countdown timer CK-6

Our CK-6 LED Digital Day Counting Timer provides reliable, accurate, and easy to read long term time keeping features. Operation is simple and straight forward. The CK-6 can be used as a day countdown timer to display time remaining; or it can be used as a count up clock to display elapsed time. It’s unique six digit LED display accurately keeps track of DAYS, HOURS, and MINUTES. The CK-6 is the perfect choice for your long term timing applications.

Highly readable six digit red LED display shows Days, Hours, and Minutes. Great for timing any long duration event.

An LED next to the minutes display flashes every second to indicate the clock is active and running.

LED Size: 0.56 inches - easily readable and sufficiently bright. No more squinting!

Maximum Display Time: 99 Days, 23 Hours, and 59 Minutes ( 99:23:59 ). Past this time, the display automatically rolls over to 00:00:00 and continues counting.

Count Down Mode displays time remaining - essential for many long term timing applications.

Count Up Mode displays elapsed time.

Buttons located on the case top for setting Days, Hours, and Minutes; Stop-Start, Reset, and Clear. Simple & Easy to Use!

U.L. listed 9 VAC wall adapter included

Battery back up keeps accurate time during power interruptions. Never miss a second!

Alarm: Beeps and flashes for one minute. After one minute, the display flashes until the reset button is pressed. Simple Operation!

Precision molded ABS plastic enclosure

Size: 5.0 X 1.5 X 5.25 Inches (L X H X D)

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countdown clock with days

The CK-6 Digital Day Counter Timer offers simple & straight forward operation.

( Display Example Above: 8 Days, 20 Hours, 30 Minutes )

The CK-6 Digital Day Timer is easy to use and fully settable. It will Count-Up to or Count-Down from any time that is entered using the DAYS, HOURS, and MINUTES buttons. It can also count up freely from 00:00:00 with no preset limit and alarm function. SIMPLE TO USE! To see the CK-6 one page instruction sheet, click here.

day countdown timer

"64 DAYS - 20 HOURS - 30 MINUTES"

The LED light below the minute digits flashes each second to indicate the timer is active.


The CK-6 offers the very unique capability of displaying Minutes, Hours, and DAYS. This feature makes the CK-6 ideal for use in timing long term events and activities. The CK-6 is perfect for use in motivating business sales, goal setting, membership drives, Science & Engineering Laboratory activities, and much more! For long duration timing, the CK-6 Day Counter Clock is the solution.



The CK-6 Day Digital Timer has many potential uses:

Motivate business activities such as Sales Drives, Membership Drives, etc...

Great for use in Science and Engineering Labs for long term testing and experiments

Time Job & Project Activities - Set a goal to achieve!

Monitor progress towards an important goal - FANTASTIC!

Keep track of factory goals, like "Injury Free Days", "No Down-Time", etc...

And much more! Do you have ideas? Let us know!

Functions as a Day Countdown Timer or Day Count Up Timer!


We proudly stand by all our products, and your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

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