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CK-46 Small LED Digital Industrial Desk Stopwatch Timer

Simple To Use Count Up Lab Timer / Industrial Stopwatch

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LED industrial desk stopwatch lab timer small led industrial stopwatch

The Electronics USA CK-46 LED Industrial Desk Stopwatch Lab Timer provides reliable, accurate, and easy to read time keeping features. It functions like any other basic stopwatch, counting up and displaying time in MINUTES, SECONDS, and HUNDREDTHS of SECONDS. It simply operates with two very rugged pushbuttons on the top of the case: one for start-stop and one for reset to zero. EASY to use! Great for tradeshow games, science & engineering labs, industrial factories, schools, hospitals, etc...

Highly readable six digit red LED display shows Minutes, Seconds, and Hundredths of Seconds. Great for timing any event!

Display Size: 0.56 inches- easy to read and the perfect size for a desk timer.

Maximum Timing: Essentially 100 Minutes with a maximum display of "99:59:99".

Ultra Simple To Use! Two Button Operation: One button is for Start-Stop, and the other one is for Timer Reset back to 00:00:00. Straight Forward, Simple, & Easy to Use!

Rugged construction - great for use as a commercial industrial stopwatch for heavy duty use. The two pushbutton switches on the top are very rugged, reliable, and built to last.

CK-46R optional two button switch remote control is also available. It's very rugged, and includes a detachable 5 foot cable. Scroll down for more information.

A 1/4 inch jack is located on the back of the timer for the remote control or external triggering.

U.L. listed 9 VAC wall adapter included

Precision molded black ABS plastic enclosure

Size: 5.0 x 1.5 x 5.25 Inches (W x H x D)

See Video Below

CK-46R Optional Wired Remote Control

It's a reliable, simple to use high quality lab timer. The CK-46 is in use throughout science, engineering, and industry.

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The CK-46 is a simple, free-running COUNT UP STOPWATCH TIMER. It is not settable to a certain time. It only indicates elapsed time. Our CK-3 Digital Desk Timer is programmable if you are looking for this capability.

LED stopwatch lab timer


Simple Two Button Operation

Red Button = Start-Stop Black Button = Reset to 00:00:00

Each Button is Large, Rugged, and Reliable!

Photo of CK-46 Stopwatch Timer remote control CK-46 Stopwatch Timer and Remote Control

The CK-46 Count Up Stopwatch Timer is available with an OPTIONAL Wired Remote Control.

It plugs into a 1/4 inch input jack on the back side of the timer, which can also be used for external triggering of the timer.

Order Model CK-46R Wired Remote Control. It includes a five foot cable.

We also offer a 25 foot extension cable, the MK-97, for $9.00.



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