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Electronics USA Digital Timer Accessories & Replacements

9 volt AC wall transformer for timers and clocks

9 Volt AC Output Wall Transformer

For use with ALL Electronics USA manufactured LED digital timers

Rated 9 volts AC @ 500 milliamperes, and U.L. Listed.

Cord length: 6 feet.

These are often purchased as back ups for people using our timers. They seem to get lost and damaged while in transit! Plus it's just good practice to have an extra one in any timer application, especially for industrial settings.

9VAC Adapter

ck-3000 is a digital timer with a wired remote control

CK-3000R Remote Control for our CK-3000 Timer

This remote has not changed since 2002. It will work with all CK-3000 timers, new or old.

Classic remote with six buttons for setting hours, minutes, and seconds, plus the slide switch for choosing up or down counting modes.

Requires any standard CAT5e ethernet type cable. See below if you need one.


photo of large display stopwatch remote

CK-350R and CK-4000R Remote Controls

These classic two button remotes work with any of our CK-4000 or CK-350 digital timers of any vintage and age.

Two buttons: The Red button is for start-stop. The Black button is for reset back to zero.

Requires a special cable with a 3.5mm stereo plug at one end, and a 1/4 inch stereo plug on the other end. See below for our standard MK-98 cable.


IP-68 pushbotton remote control

Super Rugged Remotes for Harsh Conditions!

We offer special remote controls with IP-68 stainless steel buttons for use in harsh conditions such as dusty or wet conditions.

The R-68 two button remote can be used with the CK-350 or CK-4000 digital timers.

The R-64 six button remote can be used with our model CK-3000 or CK-340 digital timers.

Requires any standard CAT5e ethernet type cable. See below if you need one.


photo of industrial countdown timer remote

CK-3000HDR Heavy Duty Remote Control

Fully compatible with any CK-340 or CK-3000 digital timer of any vintage and age

Classic heavy duty red and black "mushroom style" pushbuttons

Easy to press, easy to use, and very reliable

Recommended for constant use in mild every day environmental conditions. Not for use in harsh environments like heavy dust or moisture. See our R-64 remote above.


Replacement Remote Cables for these Electronics USA Timers:

CK-36, CK-46, CK-320, CK-330, CK-340, CK-350, CK-370, CK-3000, CK-3000-PLC, CK-4000


Remote Control Cords for All Electronics USA Timers!

Replace that lost, stolen, damaged, or even sabotaged remote control cord!

Standard lengths and extended lengths available. Lengths can be ordered as below. 50 and 100 foot lengths are available but must be special ordered.

MK-90 for the CK-3000 and CK-340, and variations.

7 Foot Length

MK-95 for the CK-3000 and CK-340, and variations.

25 Foot Length

MK-98 for the CK-4000, CK-350, CK-370, CK-36, CK-46

5 Foot Length


Photo Soon!

Extension Cables for the 9 Volt AC Wall Adapter

Extend your wall adapter to 16 feet with a 10 foot cord extension cable!

Currently unavailable.

Snap On EMI Filter Choke for Electrical Noise Reduction

Free upon request for any verified clock or timer purchased within one year of sale.

Available for $5.00 otherwise.

Very easy to install and highly effective for combating electrical noise affecting any of our timers or clocks. Recommended for industrial use!

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