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CK-2 LED Dual Time Zone Clock

Great for displaying 24 Hour Zulu Time ( UTC, GMT ) and Local Time!

Track Any Two Time Zones Easily!

Dual Time Zone Clock CK-2

LED Digital Time Zone Clock

The CK-2 conveniently and reliably displays time in any two time zones! Its highly readable, unique, and attractive LED illuminated display shows separate Hours (in two time zones), Minutes, and Seconds. The CK-2 is essentially two clocks which are set up for synchronous operation. Both clocks track each other perfectly, second after second. Let the CK-2 take the guesswork and confusion out of tracking any two time zones. It makes national and international timekeeping easy and effortless!

Dual six digit LED readout displays show seconds for precision timekeeping capability rarely found on other LED display clocks. Easily read at a glance Local and UTC Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.

Large and bright 0.56 inch red LED displays are easily readable in any lighting condition- no more squinting!

LED Display Dimmer switch selects the brightness level of both clock displays for comfortable viewing under any lighting

Easily settable to a time standard. A "hold" button is provided to stop the seconds count. Please note: for UTC labeled versions, the display is not technically a UTC clock in that it is not precisely synchronized to an atomic standard. This clock is conservatively rated for about plus or minus 9 seconds per year. It is intended to simply keep track of any two time zones, including UTC.

U.L. listed 9 VAC wall adapter included

Precision molded ABS plastic case

Size: 2.5 x 6.1 x 6.2 Inches (HWD)

Two transparent red acrylic plastic front panels available: UTC / Local or Plain Panel. Please specify when ordering. See below.

Both clock displays can be independently set for either 12 or 24 hour clock operation (as a military time clock)

9 volt battery back up keeps accurate time during power interruptions. Never miss a second!

Use the CK-2 Dual Time Zone Clock to display UTC / Local time or any two time zones - a very unique desk clock!

Designed and Assembled in the USA.

See Video Below


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Photo:  choice of two panels for time zone clock / local  UTC or plain panel

UTC Panel indicates "UTC and Local" Time Zones

Plain Panel is blank to indicate any two time zones.

Please Specify UTC Panel or Plain Panel when ordering.

New for 2023! Customized Location Front Panels!

 Custom Clock Labels

Just let us know what any TWO time zones you would like on your clock.

Cost and Leadtime: $25.00 and about 2 weeks.

If interested, simply email us. We may have your location labels already in stock, therefore no charge if this is the case. Contact us for any time zone labeling questions. We are happy to assist and accommodate!

Five Year Warranty

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