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Ultrak 1000 mechanical stopwatch

Ultrak 1000 Mechanical Stopwatch Timer

This stopwatch is great for those who prefer the look, feel, and great sound of a classic analog mechanical stopwatch.

  • Start / Stop by crown
  • Reset push button
  • 13 Jewels
  • Long hand indicates 30 seconds per turn in 1/10 second increments
  • Shorthand indicates up to 15 minutes

A great classic style analog stopwatch!

Ultrak 1000

At this economical price, nothing beats the look, sound, and feel of a quality made Ultrak 1000 mechanical stopwatch. In this age of digital electronics, new stopwatches of this type are getting more difficult to find at an affordable price. The Ultrak 1000 is made in China, but the quality is excellent and unbeatable at this price. See the simple Video Demostration to the left.

LED Digital Timer Products

Industrial Digital Timer LED large stopwatch digital timer CK-46 small LED industrial stopwatch timer

CK-46 Small LED Digital Stopwatch Timer : 0.56 Inch LED Display, Six Digits. Displays minutes, seconds, hundredths of seconds.

CK-36 Snall LED Count Up Timer : Small desk version of the CK-350, with hours, minutes, and seconds.

CK-3 Digital Count Up and Countdown Desk Timer : 0.56 Inch LED Display, Six Digits.

CK-3000 LED Digital Wall Clock with Countdown Timer : 2.3 Inch LED Display, Six Digits.

CK-4000 Large Display Digital Stopwatch Timer : 2.3 Inch Display: Minutes, Seconds, & Hundredths of Seconds.

CK-5000 Event Countdown Wall Clock : 1.75 inch Display shows DAYS, Hours, Minutes, & Seconds.

CK-6 Day Countdown Timer : 0.56 inch Display shows DAYS, Hours, & Minutes. Also counts up.

CK-340 LED Large Count Up or Countdown Industrial Timer : Timer for industrial work stations, with a heavy duty remote control.


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