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Electronics USA offers PLC interfaceable versions of almost all our LED digital timers. Our PLC controlled timer displays are very easy to interface. All functions require just a simple contact closure to a common line. And, the all important start-stop function can be particularly easy to operate with a possible PLC latching output as well:

To start the timer, connect the start-stop line to the common line and HOLD it (latch it) to this line.

To stop the timer, RELEASE the connection to the common line.

Or, if preferable, the start-stop function can simply toggle between start and stop.

If you have any questions regarding how to interface your equipment with our timers, we are here to help. Simply contact us for assistance.

Call us for questions for interfacing most of our timers to your PLC equipment. It's EASY to do, and we're here to help.

All timer functions (setting time, start-stop, etc...) require just a simple contact closure to a common line.

Easy to understand output jack and plug wiring diagrams are provided with every order. And, we are here to answer questions.


CK-3000 Large Digital Count Up and Countdown Timer: 2.3 inch LED Display, Six Digits. Our most popular model.

CK-340 Industrial Digital Timer : A special large display timer with a rugged and extra heavy duty remote control.

CK-36 Digital Count Up Timer : 0.56 inch LED Display desk timer. Simple two button operation

CK-46 LED Industrial Stopwatch: 0.56 inch LED Display desk timer. Simple two button operation. Displays Minutes, Seconds, Hundedths of Seconds.

CK-350 Large Digital Count Up Timer : 2.3 inch LED Display with simple two button remote control.

CK-4000 LED Large Stopwatch Timer : 2.3 inch Display: Minutes, Seconds, & Hundredths of Seconds. A PLC version will be soon available!

Please visit the individual timer pages listed above for product details. Or visit our Industrial Digital Timers index page for a more comprehensive list. Contact Us.

Technical documentation is provided for easy interfacing!

Call us at 760-383-1050 with questions on your specific PLC application and requirements.

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Digital timer controlled by a PLC

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