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CK-2000 LED Digital Dual Time Zone Wall Clock

24 Hour Zulu UTC GMT Clock and Local Time Clock

Customizable for any two time zones

dual time zone wall clock

two time zone wall clock

Our very unique, highly readable, and easy to install CK-2000 LED Dual Time Zone Wall Clock provides an attractive, economical, and space saving solution for keeping track of GMT / UTC / Zulu and local time. The CK-2000 simultaneously displays UTC Zulu HOURS as well as LOCAL TIME in a space saving enclosure. It's small and lightweight, allowing for easy installation either on a wall, table, or shelf. It also features selectable 12 or 24 Hour clock formats for local time. Great for use in government and military installations, Ham Radio shacks, hospitals, police and fire departments - or any place where a dual time zone wall clock is required. Updated June 6, 2024

Displays UTC Zulu GMT Hours and Local Time simultaneously in a relatively small and lightweight wall mountable enclosure.

Read and view two time zones easily at a glance! The CK-2000 enclosure is compact compared to similar clocks.

UTC display operates in 24 hour format. Local Time display is switch selectable between 12 or 24 hour clock formats. This clock can function as an excellent 24 hour military time clock.

9 Volt AC U.L. Listed wall adapter

Large 2.3 inch bright red LED display is easily readable up to about 75 feet

Unusually attractive and eye catching LED display!

High and low display brightness control switch

High accuracy 9 volt battery backup circuit keeps time during power interruptions. Never miss a minute!

Easy to access time set switches on back of case

Durable white plastic case; clear red acrylic and black ABS front panel.

Size: 15.0 x 6.0 x 2.0 Inches. This clock is much smaller compared to other dual time zone clocks with the same LED display size.

Weight: Only 2.0 lbs. - Easy to hang on a wall

Desktop, shelf, or wall mountable. There is a jack on the back and one on the bottom for use with the AC wall adapter.

Ready to use right out of the box!

Designed and Assembled in the USA

See Video Below


LABELING OPTIONS! This unique timezone wall clock can now be labeled for UTC Hours, Zulu Hours, or GMT Hours. Just let us know what you would prefer, and we can make it for you at no extra cost. We keep it simple!


led dual time zone wall clock

led dual time zone clock CK-2000

A compact UTC GMT Zulu Clock and Local Time Clock!

Compact Size

Low Cost LED Wall Time Zone Clock

Lightweight design

Easy to read LED display

Easy to install




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