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BC-10 LED Binary Clock Kit

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LED Binary Clock

BC-10 Binary Clocks

Looking for a truly unique clock? Welcome to the world of Binary Numbers, the fundamental language of computers! Its fascinating display is easy to learn and fun to read. The BC-10 Binary Clock Kit will provide many years of precision time keeping enjoyment!

Displays time in Binary Code using LEDs!

Precision molded high quality transparent red or green case.

Fascinating "See the Works" design

Generates THOUSANDS of fascinating patterns!

9 Volt Battery Back-up operation for power outages

U.L. Listed AC wall adapter included

Size: 6.6 X 3.5 X 3.5 Inches ( L X W X D )

Designed and Assembled in the USA

An educational, fun, and useful clock!

A truly unique conversation piece!

Available in Mysterious RED or Cool GREEN.

Fun to Build and Cool to View!

November 2018: Are you interested in the BC-10? If so, contact us to be placed on a waiting list. We are thinking about bringing it back due to some requests we receive. Contact us. If there's enough interest, we'll bring it back!

how to read a binary clock

The BC-10 Binary Clock Will Amuse Anyone Who Sees It!

The BC-10 Binary Clock generates 1000's of Patterns - a MARVELOUS conversation piece!

The BC-10 will provide many years of timekeeping enjoyment.

It's ALWAYS cool to look at and fun to read!

Can you read the GREEN BC-10 Binary Clock ? E-mail us with your answers!


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