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CK-4000 LED Large Digital Stopwatch Timer

It's a simple to operate, highly visible large display count up industrial stopwatch.

LED large stopwatch timer CK-4000

Our Model CK-4000 is simple to use, and provides reliable, accurate, and easy to read time keeping features. It operates simply by counting up and displaying elapsed time in MINUTES, SECONDS, and HUNDREDTHS of SECONDS. The CK-4000 is equipped with a very rugged, easy to use two button remote control that is designed for heavy duty use, making it especially suitable for industrial use. This LED big display large stopwatch timer is great for tradeshow games, science & engineering labs, industrial factories, hospitals, etc...

Highly readable six digit red LED display shows Minutes, Seconds, and Hundredths of Seconds. Great for timing any event with precision accuracy!

Display Size: 2.3 inches - big and readable up to about 100 feet maximum distance.

Maximum Timing: Essentially 100 Minutes with a maximum display of "99:59:99".

A wired, rugged, and very reliable Remote Control is included. It features two buttons - One for Start-Stop, and another for Reset back to 00:00:00. Simple & Easy to Use! This remote is quite responsive to rapid activation. See the video demonstration below. There is no latency compared to wireless remotes.

Remote cord length: 5 feet. Optional 25 foot cable also available. Details below.

Durable white plastic enclosure; clear red acrylic and black ABS plastic front panel

Simple Operation: No complex menus to hassle with, and no alarms beeping and squawking back. Simplicity at its best!

Size: 15.0 x 6.0 x 2.0 inches

Table, shelf, or wall mountable

U.L. listed 9 VAC wall adapter included

Weight: Only 2.0 pounds - Lightweight and Portable!

See Video Below

Update: June 3, 2024: One In Stock, Quick Ship!

Read the Warranty

The CK-4000 Large Stopwatch is backed by our excellent customer service. We're always just a phone call or email away.

The CK-4000 Large Timer is for INDOOR USE ONLY


Videos! First one is a good narrated demonstration:

And here's a good look at the remote control:


The CK-4000 is a simple, free-running COUNT UP ONLY TIMER. It is not settable to a certain time and it only counts up, indicating elapsed time. For a SETTABLE count up or count down timer, see our Model CK-3000 Timer. Please scroll down this page for our list of clocks and timers.

The CK-4000 does not count down.

FOR INDOOR USE ONLY - For use in dry conditions only. The display is not suitable for sunlight.

Please Note: The CK-4000 Digital LED Stopwatch has a versatile choice of Two Power Input Jacks: One on the rear panel, and one at the bottom of the case. It is suitable for Wall, Shelf, or Desk locations.

Photo of large wall stopwatch

The CK-4000 LED Big Stopwatch Timer is Desk, Shelf, or Wall Mounted.



photo of large display stopwatch remote


The CK-4000 includes this easy to use two button switch remote control. The red button is used for starting and stopping the timer. The black button resets the display to 00:00:00. Operation is simple and straight forward.

This remote control is ultra reliable and ruggedly built. This is not a cheap rubber type keypad remote found on other similar controls.

Easy To Use!

REMOTE CONTROL NOTE: The CK-4000 remote control is equipped with a 5 foot long cable. For longer remote operation, we also offer a 25 foot extension cable. Order Model MK-97 Remote Extension Cable - Price: $9.00

IP-68 pushbotton remote control


We now offer an optional remote control for very harsh environmental conditions. The R-68 is equipped with two stainless steel IP-68 rated pushbuttons for use in dusty, moist, or even wet conditions. It is the ultimate in remote control ruggedness.

However, please note: the CK-4000 LED display unit is not built for harsh conditions, so the R-68 must be used at a safe distance away, especially for wet conditions. We offer remote cables up to 100 feet if necessay.

CK-4000 with R-68: $499.00

R-68 sold separately: $89.00

Five Year Warranty

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back

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