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CK-3 Small LED Digital Desk Lab Timer

It's easy to use, and works well as an office, industrial, or lab timer!

LED digital desk timer

lab timer CK-3

The CK-3 Small LED Digital Desk Lab Timer provides reliable, accurate, and easy to read time keeping features. It functions as an easy to use count up or countdown timer. Operation is simple and intuitive, with readily accessible and clearly labeled controls and buttons located conveniently on the top of the case. It's very useful in a science lab, industrial factory, medical and business office settings. Whether you're counting time up or counting down, the CK-3 is the perfect choice for dependable precision timekeeping!

Highly readable six digit red LED display shows Hours, Minutes, and Seconds.

LED Display Size: 0.56 inches - easily readable and sufficiently bright. No more squinting!

Count Down mode displays time remaining - essential for many applications.

Count Up Timer Mode displays elapsed time, a feature not found on many timers.

Maximum timing capability: 99 Hours

Buttons located on the case top for setting Hours, Minutes, and Seconds time set, Stop-Start, Timer Reset, and Timer Clear. A toggle switch chooses count up or count down mode.

60 Hz. AC line frequency time base provides high reliability and accuracy.

U.L. listed 9 VAC wall adapter included

9 Volt battery back up keeps accurate time during power interruptions. Never miss a second!

Audible & Visual Alarms: The timer momentarily beeps and the LED display flashes at the end of a timing cycle. The beep alarm may also be turned off for silent timer operation.

Precision molded ABS plastic enclosure

Size: 5.0 x 1.5 x 5.25 inches (WHD). Sits nicely on any desk or table without taking up much space.

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LED digital desk timer

CK-3 Digital Desk Timer

Close-up above features the easy to use controls and battery back up capability of the CK-3 Lab Timer.


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