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CK-1K LED Digital Clock Kit

A Fun To Build Electronic Kit. It features a six digit LED display with seconds!

six digit led digital clock kit

six digit LED digital clock kit with seconds display

The CK-1K Six Digit LED Digital Clock Kit is really from a wonderful bygone era. There was a time back in the mid 1970's and into the 1980's when you could buy a complete LED digital clock kit with a very nice high quality enclosure. This cool digital clock kit enthusiastically revives this tradition and keeps it alive! The CK-1K is a joy to build. The assembly instructions are easy to follow and well illustrated. Its easy to read six digit LED display features Hours, Minutes, and Seconds. Build one yourself, and it will provide many years of beautiful and accurate time keeping enjoyment!

Six digit LED readout displays Hours, Minutes, and Seconds for precision timekeeping capability

Large and bright 0.56 inch red LED display is easily readable in any lighting condition.

Dimmer switch for brightness control

Selectable 12 or 24 Hour formats

U.L. listed 9 VAC wall adapter included

60 Hz. AC line frequency time base

9 Volt battery back-up keeps time during power interruptions

Precision drilled and milled high quality black ABS enclosure

Size: 5.0 X 1.5 X 5.25 Inches (L X H X D)

Skilled electronic assembly required. Intermediate soldering and assembly skills required for this kit.

A fun to build electronic LED digital clock kit!



ck-1 diigital clock kit

This Clock is also available fully assembled.


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